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Simon Dew AREINZ

Simon Dew AREINZ

Working from the ground up, Simon’s career has taken him through sales, branch management, auctioneering and more recently business ownership when he and Susan bought the Harcourts Ponsonby office in early 2005, making them real estate business owners in one of Auckland's Premier locations. Despite being the business owner and Principal Officer, Simon's passion is in selling real estate and he has appointed a Sales Manager to take care of the management of the office so that he can continue to pursue this passion. Simon has become the agent of choice for a considerable number of vendors and purchasers alike. Being a qualified auctioneer gives him the edge over many other agents as he can be a lot more hands-on throughout the entire process. Simon takes control of the situation for you and endeavours to guide you through your real estate transactions in a well-informed and stress free manner. Extensive marketing experience and brilliant negotiation skills have helped him achieve an excellent track record of success. A strong team player, and with strength of the Harcourts brand to back him, Simon continues to achieve great results for his clients.

Simon's 2013 Blog

The first quarter of 2013 has now past and what an absolute pearler it was! Susan and I have been checking the numbers and in Westmere (one of the hottest spots in the current real estate market the latest Real Estate Institute statistics are showing a trend I think we’ve all sort of known without seeing it written down.

 In the last twelve moths the average price has gone well over the million into the $1.1million range and what is most interesting is that in the first six of the twelve months the average value was $1,080,243 and in the last six it’s been $1,150,500. That’s a notch over a 6.5% increase in the average sale price in six months and this is a trend that is repeated more or less for all the inner western suburbs. “Lies, damn lies and statistics” I hear you say and it’s true that numbers can be made to say pretty much anything but as the political pollsters will tell you it’s the trend.

There is talk of moves to turn the hose onto what the Government and the Reserve Bank see as an overheated housing market and there is no question that making the threshold for borrowing tougher by statute will have a dampening effect on the market. Raising the required deposit level certainly did last time after 2008 when the Banks all decided that 95% and sometimes even 100% and higher loans were perhaps a little unwise. It wasn’t the only reason for the real estate market slow down (there was clearly less money all round to spend) but on an anecdotal basis we did see quite a few willing sellers and buyers held apart by suddenly very timid lenders.

Like all these economic controls, in effect they tend to be a bit unpredictable and can be a bit like trying to steer a truck by shooting out the tyres. Whilst I hope that this is a mechanism that can be applied and released with sufficient subtlety to avoid a market jack knife (to milk the trucking analogy). I do find it interesting that so called champions of the free market feel the need to meddle so.

 Whatever the future holds the prices still seem to be holding if not climbing and so if you’ve been considering a sale, now could be the time to take the money. Susan and I are more than happy to give you an obligation and cost free appraisal of your current market value and we will also provide you with a marketing plan so you can plan costs and timeframes. We’d also be happy to talk to you regarding any real estate matter that interests you whether it be buying, selling or staying put so give us a call us today.
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Simon Dew AREINZ

Sales and Marketing Consultant & Auctioneer

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