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Simon and Susan Dew

Licensed REAA 2008

Auctioneer and Marketing and Sales Professionals




Your most valuable asset should be in the hands of EXPERIENCED AND SUCCESSFUL agents with a proven track record.



Simon and Susan have been in the business of marketing homes in Auckland for over 30 years combined and have successfully SOLD IN EVERY TYPE OF MARKET.



OUR GOAL: To obtain the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE for your home by tailoring a marketing package to showcase your property in the best possible light whilst PUTTING YOUR INTERESTS FIRST and foremost.



OUR RESULTS: All properties listed with us within the last two years have sold apart from one which was withdrawn.



We believe the success of a campaign is to have OPEN COMMUNICATION so that all parties involved feel respected and well informed enabling them to make the right decision WITHOUT STRESS OR PRESSURE.This has resulted in repeat referral business.

Market Musings

Now that Summer is here we are seeing a warming up of the market with extremely good numbers of open home attendees resulting in some excellent prices in our auction rooms.


Not surprising though that earlier in the year the market was quieter as people processed political change and legislation restricting overseas buyers, creating new responsibilities for landlords and of course the talk of a capital gains tax.


Interestingly this doesn’t seem to have had nearly the same effect on the provinces with sales outside of Auckland cracking on at a pace. Money will always burn a hole in a potential buyers’ pocket and what was quite clear is that after many years of languishing behind the big smoke there were some serious bargains to be had in the smaller towns and RD addresses.


Make no mistake though whilst there is attraction to a peaceful rural idle the vast majority of the population still want to live near the bright lights. After close to thirty years in this business I know that although the Auckland market does occasionally have a Nana nap it never sleeps for long.


Another important thing to remember is that quoted real estate market conditions that you hear or read in the media are based on settled sales. Settlement can often take place several months after the contract has been written and so talk of current market conditions are very often very out of date. The only people who can really tell you what is happening in the current market are those doing the current marketing.


If you’ve been putting off a real estate decision and would like to talk about the market and the way to maximize your result give Susan or me a call. We have a wealth of experience and are happy to give advice and talk about your real estate quandaries in total confidence and with no pressure.




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Susan and Simon were awesome in the process of selling our home. The house had some unique features and they appeared effortless in the management of everything. We didn't get stressed as they were open and up front on the whole process. They didn't oversell to us or give us false hopes, they know the market and were pretty much bang on. We had a successful sale on auction night and the follow up was flawless. Thanks guys.

Ali Davies


The best thing about selling our house was being piloted through what can be very choppy real estate seas by Simon Dew. From first meeting to last, his energy, drive and humour were infectious. He made no promises other than to do his best and always kept his word. Not only was that, his clarity and direction on the state of the market and real estate hurdles and pitfalls a book in itself.

Susan is an utter gem, empathetic and hard-working. During the sale process, we were kept informed by email, phone and weekly reports, both verbal and written, and never felt pressured in any way. Most importantly, they sold our house. They’re fabulous agents and we’re most grateful they came into our lives when they did.

Alannah O’Sullivan and John Cairney


Simon and Sue handled the sale of our last three properties. We found them to be thoroughly professional the whole time and all three sales achieved our asking price and more with minimal hassle and stress. We highly recommend them.

Tony Smith and Kim Hurring


I have known Simon Dew for thirty odd years so getting him to sell my last house was a no-brainer and in the real estate world, populated by 'interesting' types, Simon is refreshingly straight up. He doesn't over promise, got us more than we had expected and made it all fairly painless. If you want to deal with someone who won't inflate your expectations, empty your wallet and add unnecessary stress - give Simon a call.

Simon Mark-Brown


We recently sold our house with Simon and Susan and found the whole experience from start to finish fantastic. From our first meeting we knew we were dealing with relaxed yet totally professional agents. Their down to earth and realistic approach meant all expectations were extremely measured, with the process of regular feedback and reports keeping us totally informed. Simon and Susan’s team effort is a great combination and we never felt that we didn’t have their full attention. Their marketing strategy showed all their experience and their confidence in executing it was flawless. Simon’s skill and expertise as an auctioneer was an added bonus and very comforting for us, as he was completely familiar with everyone who had expressed interest in our property. His determination at the auction was wonderful to experience and resulted in a sale price beyond our expectations. Simon and Susan’s marketing of our property left all parties involved with a smile on their face, and made for a completely stress free event. We would love to work with them again.

Richard Scott & Elly Toft



Going, going, gone! Why we recommend auctions


Auctions are still the most popular and effective way to sell and most buyers and sellers in the Auckland market over the past 10 years have certainly been exposed to the auction method of selling.There are many reasons why vendors are choosing to sell this way. 

  1. As a seller you set the time frames and the terms ( deposit & settlement dates)
  2. You are always in control and can make informed decisions based on market feedback and the advice of your agent           
  3. Marketing without a fixed price broadens the pool of cash buyers
  4. You have a fixed relatively short marketing period therefore less disruption
  5. The auction itself generates a sense of urgency
  6. The Auction is unconditional which gives security and certainty
  1. As a buyer you know exactly who your competition is on Auction day
  2. All buyers are given equal opportunity to buy
  3. You know you are dealing with motivated sellers
  4. When the hammer falls and you are the top bidder the property is yours with no further negotiations.








As soon as your property is on the market you will have potential buyers driving by so it’s important to have the outside of the property looking neat and tidy as first impressions count.




EXTERIOR WALLS: Check paintwork for cracking, flaking or chalking; check walls for holes plus dirt and salt build-up or for moss/lichen growth along with other signs of dampness or staining. Check for corrosion of nails or flashings along with degradation of any sealant and see if your cladding is at least 175mm above the lawn or garden or 100mm above paved surfaces and that underfloor vents are clear.

Get the exterior chemi-washed after winter so that the paintwork looks clean and fresh and it’s easy to see whether some touch ups are needed.


ROOF: Investigate the condition of your cladding, flashings and any chimney(s), along with the stability of your TV aerial and receiver dish (if you have one).

Consider getting the roof re-painted if it’s looking a bit tired it makes a big difference to the overall appearance of the house and prevents further deterioration.


GUTTERING AND DRAINS: Check out the condition of these important features, ensuring they are clean, secure, unblocked and in good repair.


UNDER FLOOR: Look for problematic levels of moisture.


BALCONIES, DECKS AND FENCES: Inspect wooden balconies/decks for protruding nails, splits or rot and concrete ones for cracks or other problems, and inspect your fences for loose boards and posts, rot etc. See whether it’s time for a fresh coat of paint or stain.


WINDOWS: Check that they are in working order and clean.


FOOTPATHS AND PAVING: These often need a good water blasting after winter to get rid of lichen and moss.


GARDENS AND POT PLANTS: These can make a huge impact and should be refreshed and tidied so that the property looks its best.


DE CLUTTER: Put away bikes, bins, toys and any garden equipment.


OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING SPACES: These can be enhanced with stylish furniture and some colourful cushions.


PETS Often dog owners are unaware of dog smells which non dog owners usually pick up as soon as they enter a property. Dog beds and carpets are usually the cause of unpleasant smells. Dog beds should be put outside or in the garage for all open homes and carpets should be cleaned. A scented candle can sometimes help but won’t mask strong odours.


INSIDE: Firstly de Clutter then clean, ensure all beds are made, kitchens and bathrooms are gleaming plus add some fresh flowers to add some colour. If the property is vacant hiring some furniture, beds, linen and artwork will make it more appealing and will help the buyers visualise where they can put their own furniture. There are several companies specialising in this.


HELPFUL TIPS: Have a few washing baskets which you can  throw items  into quickly such as toys which then go into the car before an open home.

In the cooler months put the lights on and some heating just before leaving the house and make sure the kitchen and bathroom have been well ventilated.

Buying a few modern pieces of furniture and some fresh linen which you can sell again afterwards may be a cheaper option than paying for staging.


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SOLD 2/29 William Denny Avenue Westmere

Sold 3/98 Owiraka Ave Mt Albert

SOLD 15/8 Basque Road, Eden Terrace

15/8 Basque Road , Eden Terrace

SOLD 2/14 Don Croot Street Kingsland

SOLD 29a Harbutt Avenue Mt Albert

SOLD 58 Roberton Rd Avondale

SOLD 1/17 Lingfield Street Glenfield

SOLD 2/27 College Road St Johns

SOLD 32 Boardman Lane Newton

SOLD- 2/42 Rata Street New Lynn


SOLD - 41 Tuakau Rd Pukekohe


SOLD 2A Dexter Avenue Mt Eden


SOLD- 97 Ponsonby Road Ponsonby


SOLD- 45E Harbour View Road Point Chevalier


SOLD- 39 Old Mill Road Grey Lynn


SOLD- 2 Sherwood Avenue Grey Lynn


SOLD-1 Fisher Point Drive St Marys Bay


SOLD- 5 Fisher Point Drive St Marys Bay


SOLD- 6 Old Mill Road Grey Lynn


SOLD- 6 Sonia Avenue Remuera


SOLD-16/48 Howe Street Freemans Bay


SOLD -541 New North Road Kingsland


SOLD- 2 Richard Street Westmere


SOLD-124 Garnet Road Westmere


SOLD 2/8 Manuka Road Glenfield

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